All designs listed are available as packages. Please contact us for a special rate quote designed for your specific business needs.
  This design incorporates a flash banner at the top of each page which also includes flash navagation. HTML navagation in also included in each page.  
  Family oriented designs are great for keeping extended families in touch with each other. Planning for family reunion, message boards and even family trees can be posted for the whole family to see.  
Click image to view business card site example
  A business card design is a great way to get started on the web. We take your existing business card and reproduce the graphics. Also included in the business card site are two email accounts, two forwarding accounts and submission to search engines.  
  Basic business design incorporates your logo in a quick loading and information packed site. This is often the first impression your business has with the customer. We can help make it the best possible.  
  Flash Intros are viewed primarily by high speed internet users. This type of introduction makes a strong statement about the level and type of service you  
  Full Flash designed sites bring the user into the page. Most of these pages are interactive using flash navigation in every aspect of the design. High end graphics and short flash movies add a sense of distinction  
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  Gothic design is also known as grunge or alternative design and is frequently used by industries focusing on young audiences. Designs tend to be dark with accents of color.